introducing... planet l

Ask Adele Leahy to briefly summarize the sound and soul of Planet L, and the words pour out in a dizzying stream.

“We are multi-instrumentalists and our music comes from the heart,” the 16-year-old says on behalf of fast-rising bandmates Gregory Leahy, Angus Leahy, Cecilia Leahy, Joseph Leahy, and Evelyn Leahy, who range in age from 14 to eight. “Our music is original; it’s music you can feel. It’s edgy but also rhythmic, danceable. And it’s positive, happy and… well…” Adele laughs, “I could go on.”

Indeed. Adele could also confidently list words like buoyant, vivid, accomplished, melodic, fun.  One listen to Planet L’s new single, the sparkling, harmony-goosed, and hopelessly earwormy “Can't You Feel The Rhythm” brings the group’s towering talents into focus. Though relatively new on the scene, the members of Planet L have been playing together literally their whole lives (yup, they’re sibs) which makes their performances electrifying displays of seldom-seen cohesion.

“We all play at least four instruments, we all dance and sing,” Adele confirms. “We are surrounded by music and we absolutely love it. It’s what we do.”

That innate musical ease is neatly captured in the accompanying video for “Can't You Feel The Rhythm,” which culminates with Adele, Gregory, Angus, Cecilia, Joseph, and Evelyn dazzling a packed venue completely stoked on Planet L’s effervescent pop, a scene possibly inspired by the sextet’s actual debut concert last year where an audience hearing their songs for the very first time “went absolutely nuts.” Which augurs rather well for Planet L’s hotly anticipated debut EP, dropping soon.


“All of us have big dreams to play for people around the world,” Adele says. “We all love music and can see the possibilities it can bring.”


In case the legendary name Leahy conjures preconceived notions of what Planet L’s music sounds like, Adele insists that, “We are our own thing, making original pop. We are proud of our family’s musical heritage and we are connected to it. But we are also free to express ourselves. We are Planet L.”

And they’re boldly beginning their first spin around the sun. Stay tuned for more…